How We Work Together

How We Work Together as we create Your IT Resume revolves around the fact that this is a custom, personalized resume writing service.

The Sounding Board Job Search Coaching involves you directly in the creation of your resume.

When we are finished you will not only have an IT resume that will help you to get the IT job you want at the salary you need, but will also give you the skills to continuously update your resume as needed.

E-mail is great but talking together we can cover a lot of territory quickly discuss various issues and strategies as we create and edit Your IT Resume. I use Skype, and WeChat, as well as telephone.

Your Required Time Commitment:

Your IT Resume Writing Service requires your direct and active involvement in the creation of your resume. The time frame is relativity short – just up to 7 working days.

When a document is sent to you, you need to be available to make changes, and or edits, and return it to me with within 8 hours. You then need to be available for a conversation.

This is a very thorough process and the amount of time required on your part will depend upon how much information you have organized, how many years of work experience you have, and the quantity of experience that you have.


There are a number of prerequisites before we can work together:

  1. you must do the Introductory Conversation with me ;
  2. you must have a reasonable level of skill using the current version of Microsoft Word and understand working with tables;
  3. you need to be able to respond with 8 hours to any request from me when we are working on your resume and other items


If you have questions about Your IT Resume Writing Service I recommend reviewing first the FAQ.

Let’s Talk

The Introductory Conversation is free. There is no charge. To begin our conversation visit the Introductory Conversation page.

Your IT Resume Writing Service

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