FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions, about Your IT Resume Writing Services.

Pricing/Ordering (3)

Canadian residents are charged in Canadian dollars.

While my international prices are in US dollars, as I am based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, I charge Canadian residents in local currency.

There are 4 payment methods are available:

  1. Credit Card processed by Stripe (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express)
  2. PayPal including (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express)
  3. interac eTransfer (Canadian financial institutions) – you are sent an invoice with instructions when you have ordered
  4. Western Union – you are sent an invoice with instructions when you have ordered

Please visit Your IT Resume Writing Service Pricing / Ordering for detailed information about resume prices and payment methods.

Resume Writing Process (2)

No. I use one resume style that I have named the QuickScan IT Resume Format.

This style and format of three (3) columns facilitates presenting lots of great detailed information about all of your experience in a manner that a hiring manager can quickly scan and learn about how you could be a great potential employee.

Yes. I speak with every client before we begin working together.

Everything begins with the FREE Introductory Conversation. Visit the Introductory Conversation page.

As part of the FREE Introductory Conversation, I review your current resume with you.

I look forward to hearing from you

Resumes (2)

Your resume should include and effectively present ALL of your work experience, education, training and most importantly your achievements.

Read my article Your IT Resume – 15 Basic Components to learn what information should be included in your resume.

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No! You should not tailor your resume to a specific job in my opinion.

It is difficult to imagine customing your resume for each job submission don’t you agree? Hundreds of job submissions. Of course, it will be a great source of income for resume writing services.

Your resume needs to reflect all of your skills, work experience, education, training, and more. My article Your IT Resume – 15 Basic Components discusses this.

Your Resume Cover Letter is the correct place to focus on addressing the specific requirements of any particular job that you are applying for.

My article Your IT Resume Cover Letter – The 7 Parts discusses this.

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