Your IT Resume Job Search 101

Your IT Resume Job Search 101 is a series of articles written by Richard Edward Ward based on the advice that he shared with job seeking candidates that he had recruited, and was presenting to, his information technology hungry clients.

These articles covered writing resumes, resume cover letters, IT technical skills summary, job references, and LinkedIn profiles.

I spent many years working as an IT Headhunter in the Information Technology vertical. My clients were information technology companies or any organization who needed skilled employees with solid technical training and experience.

I had a certain way of doing resumes that I had found to be effective in presenting my candidates’ experience in depth – but efficiently – to my demanding clients. I called this resume style and format the QuickScan IT Resume Format.

If you would like help creating an IT resume that will help you to get job interviews and get the job you want at the salary you need take a looksee at my resume resume writing service, Your IT Resume Writing Service.

Hiring Managers Are Busy

Hiring managers are very busy. When I say hiring managers I am not referring to HR managers, they were, for the most part, managers of a department with day to day responsibilities so finding time to interview candidates was difficult. They didn’t have a lot of time to spend in each interview. Therefore a short 1 or 2-page resume was a waste of their time as they needed lots of information about the candidate that they were going to interview, presented in an easy to scan manner so that they could ask meaningful questions during a job interview.

These managers did not have the time to spend hours in an interview seeking clarification of little tidbits of information scattered through a 1 or 2-page resume.

Take a looksee at my articles and advice with regard to resumes, resume cover letters, skills summary, references and LinkedIn profiles.

Your IT Resume – 15 Basic Components

Your IT Resume is the story of your work experience and life experience. Your IT Resume should effectively present ALL of your career experience, education, training and most importantly your achievements in an easy to read quick-scan 3-column format. Take a looksee at Your IT Resume – 15 Basic Components.

Your IT Resume – IT Technical Skills Summary

Your IT Resume IT Technical Skills Summary effectively presents all of your computer technology hardware and software Information Technology skills in one document.

The IT Technical Skills Summary is an exceptionally powerful document that should form part of every resume cover letter and resume submitted as it ensures that every IT skill you have acquired – computer software, computer hardware, applications software, and so on, will be indexed or viewed. Learn how to create your IT Technical Skills Summary.

Your IT Resume Cover Letter – The 7 Parts

Your IT Resume Cover Letter has only one purpose – to get Your IT Resume opened and read…so that you will get a job interview.

Your IT Resume Cover Letter must stimulate the recipient of your resume to open your resume and give you consideration. You are introducing yourself and saying that you have what it takes to do the job that they are trying to fill. Learn how to create Your IT Resume Cover Letter – The 7 Parts.

Your IT Resume – Job References

Job References can make the difference between you receiving a job offer or not receiving a job offer.

Great job references can also determine the salary and compensation that you may be offered. So be prepared. Learn how to prepare Your IT Resume – Job References.

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