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My name is Richard Edward Ward. I use my more than 45 years life experience in business, government, holistic healing, information technology, management, and politics as Sounding Board.

My Sounding Board coaching services help my clients gain new understandings, and new perspectives.

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A new perspective can help someone to experience an adventure in growth leading to a more productive and fulfilling life with their career, in their business, in a job search to find a job, or in their daily life. You can learn more about my Sounding Board services by visiting

As a Sounding Board I have often had clients ask me for help with creating a great resume and resume cover letter as we have been exploring their career opportunities, so I am now offering Your IT Resume Writing Service as a stand-alone service.

As a seasoned IT Headhunter, my QuickScan IT Resume format helped me to get my candidates in for interviews with my busy clients, and this service includes this resume format and approach.

I developed the QuickScan Resume format over many years and used it whenever presenting candidates to my clients when I worked as an IT Headhunter in the the information technology vertical.

My clients loved the format as it presents a detailed view of a candidate that can be quickly scanned and read.

Your IT Resume Writing Service takes a unique approach because you are unique. This is not a resume editing or resume tweaking service. It is much more.

You are also coached and guided on how to prepare a resume for yourself in the future as your career advances as we work together carefully crafting Your IT resume.

The Management of Time / Beyond Motivation

I draw upon my work with James T. McCay, a business visionary, who was the author of the classic of personal productivity THE MANAGEMENT OF TIME and BEYOND MOTIVATION.

THE MANAGEMENT OF TIME is written in easy to read and understandable language that presents practical methods for overcoming the time pressures of today and preparing us to easily handle the much greater time demands of the future.

I co-authored a new Introduction and Appreciation when THE MANAGEMENT OF TIME was republished by Prentice-Hall in 1995.

I republished an Expanded Edition of BEYOND MOTIVATION in 2015.

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